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Solar Thermal Systems

DCB Energy Systems is a Certified Dealer / Installer for SunMaxx Solar. Check out our 70 tube evacuated tube thermal system here at our office location.


SunMaxx Solar is a company dedicated to delivering to quality and affordability through state-of-the-art solar thermal products and systems. Our global reach allows us to bring you the best solar thermal products in the industry every day. We are an interactive company, driven by passion, motivation and responsiveness to our clients. And, we have been delivering residential and commercial solar systems to the world for more than 7 years.

The SunMaxx Advantage >
•    Flat Plate & Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
•    Pre-Packaged Storage Tank & Pumping Systems
•    European Engineering Controllers & Thermal Accessories
•    NABCEP & IREC Accredited Solar Thermal Training Courses
•    Professional Technical Support & Sales Team

Your Ready-To-Install Solar Kit

Your new HelioMaxx kit combines the very best solar thermal system components and accessories into a complete, ready-to-install solar hot water or heating system that will slash 50-70% of your heating costs, saving you hundreds of dollars every year. Our solar hot water kits are simple and your installer can have your entire system up, running and saving you money in just 1-2 days. Contact us anytime for more information.